About Ernest De Soto, Artist, Master Printer and Businessman

Desoto learned his craft by attending the Chouinard Art Institute (now called Cal Arts). After serving in the camouflage corp in World War II he used the GI Bill to apprentice under the Great Mexican Master, David Alfaro Siequieros   He taught in Mexico and in Toledo Ohio finally moving to San Francisco from 1967 until his retirement in 1993.  He founded and ran Collectors Press Lithography Workshop, Editions Press, and The de Soto Workshop. As a Master Printer and luminary in the Latin American art world he enticed such future giants of Mexico?s art world as Jose Luis Cuevas, Alejandro Colunga, Rufino Tamayo, Gunther Gerzso, Gustavo Rivera, Adja Yunkers  and Leonora Carrington to America to Collaborate on what has become an important post-war lithography collection

Each lithograph is an original, signed and numbered by the artist and embossed with the name of the master printer or the workshop that printed it.

 Each print in the edition is numbered.  A typical edition usually contains about 100 prints.  After the edition is complete, the stone is effaced, making future production impossible.

 Most artists who use this medium consider their chosen master printer a collaborator?as indispensable as their pencil.

 De Soto had that kind of relationship with many of the artists he worked with over the years.

 The collection includes an extensive inventory in paintings, drawings and fine prints along with a unique collection of Mexican Masks.

David Alfaro Siquieros, lecturing his students in Mexico.

Cuevas and De Soto on Cuevas Comedies from 2009.  Check out all the videos on YouTube

Ernest with Grand-Nephew, Nick Roth. 2013

De Soto Collection